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M&R Industries provides comprehensive asbestos and lead environmental consulting services. We are a female-owned business enterprise located in Northeast Ohio.


Federal regulations require an asbestos assessment/survey for any facility conducting renovation or demolition. A facility is a structure other than a one-four family dwelling. A comprehensive survey is conducted to identify any building materials suspected of containing asbestos. Identification, quantification and sampling are conducted by a state certified field technician. Samples are submitted to a qualified laboratory for testing, results are analyzed and a report is issued clearly identifying the asbestos risks present in the facility.


There are numerous federal regulations regarding the removal/remediation of asbestos containing material (ACM). An individual trained and certified as the “Competent Person” must oversee said removal/remediation. M & R provides that competent person to oversee your project. Assure compliance and limit liability with proper project oversight, whether you are an abatement contractor or the owner/manager of the facility.


M & R provides final air clearance analysis for asbestos abatement projects. It is critical to determine the safety of any area after abatement occurs, to allow break down of containment. M & R provides on-site, immediate laboratory analysis of final air clearance samples.